Sale of Shell’s Assets in Nigeria Delta


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Shell assets chosenozo The sale of Shell’s assets in the Niger Delta has sparked significant controversy and concerns raised by local activists and international environmental groups.

The proposed $2.4 billion sale of Shell’s onshore assets to Renaissance Africa Energy Company, a consortium of local companies, has prompted calls for the Nigerian government to delay the approval of the sale due to environmental and social responsibilities in the polluted Niger Delta region

Key Points Regarding the Sale of Shell’s Assets in the Niger Delta:

Environmental and Social Responsibilities:

Activists and environmental groups have accused Shell of attempting to shirk its environmental and social responsibilities in the polluted Niger Delta, emphasizing the need for responsible divestment and addressing the toxic legacy of pollution in the region


Community Impact:

Local communities, such as the Korokoro Tai community in Ogoniland, have highlighted the severe impact of oil spills on their land, water sources, and livelihoods, underscoring the urgent need for environmental restoration before any divestment takes place


Historical Pollution Concerns:

The report by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) documented cases of alleged environmental pollution that were not addressed by Shell before past divestments, pointing to ongoing concerns about the company’s approach to divestment in the region .


Risk of Irresponsible Divestment:

Environmental consultant Richard Steiner emphasized the risk of transferring assets to new local firms without adequately resolving legacy environmental and social concerns, highlighting the potential for inadequate management of oil and gas operations in the region .


Government Involvement and Decision-Making:

President Bola Tinubu, who holds the portfolio of petroleum minister, will ultimately decide the fate of the Shell-Renaissance transaction, and activists have petitioned for a transparent process that assesses the capacity of incoming companies and ensures meaningful community consultation .


Continued Liabilities and Responsibility:

The transfer of all subsidiary shares to Renaissance would result in a change of ownership while Shell’s subsidiary, Shell Petroleum Development Company, would continue to carry liabilities. The company has stated that it will be responsible for remediation where spills have occurred in the past .


International Attention and Litmus Test for Energy Transition:

The sale of Shell’s assets in the Niger Delta has garnered international attention, with calls for ensuring that historical pollution, safe decommissioning, and financial transparency are fully addressed, serving as an important litmus test for a just energy transition globally .




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