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5 séxý ways to kiss a man and turn him on


 kiss a man and turn him on chosenozo
Imagine the thrill of leaning in, hearts pounding, anticipation thick in the air. Yes, we’re delving into the realm of kissing – that electrifying connection that sets souls ablaze. In this captivating video, Mat Boggs unveils five enticing kissing techniques bound to leave your partner weak at the knees. But before we delve into these smoochy secrets, let’s address some common kissing blunders.

Mastering the Art of the Kiss: Mat Boggs’ Guide to Sensual Smooching
1. The Prelude of Anticipation:
Ever heard of the power of anticipation? Mat recommends leaning in for the kiss but pausing just before your lips meet. It’s like a tantalizing teaser, leaving your partner yearning for more. Will Smith’s advice from “Hitch” perfectly encapsulates this technique – go 90% of the way and hold, allowing desire to simmer until it reaches its boiling point.

2. The Slow Dance of Seduction:
In the realm of kissing, slow and gentle reign supreme. Mat advises starting with tender, soft kisses, allowing your lips to entwine in a sensual dance. Forget about rushing; let the moment linger, setting the stage for a passionate crescendo.

3. The Rhythm of Romance:
Variety is the spice of life – and kissing! Mat emphasizes the importance of changing the pace, signaling to your partner that things are about to heat up. Transition from gentle to intense, from lips to tongue, guiding your partner on an exhilarating journey of arousal.

4. The Whisper of Anticipation:
Ever lightly brushed your lips against your partner’s in a teasing caress? Mat suggests this tantalizing move as a prelude to the main event. Gently grazing your lips against theirs with featherlight touches not only ignites desire but also leaves them eagerly anticipating the next kiss.

5. The Bite of Desire:
Last but certainly not least, Mat delves into the art of using your teeth. No, we’re not talking about leaving marks; we’re talking about a subtle, seductive nibble. As you kiss, softly nibble on their bottom lip, adding an extra layer of intensity that’ll leave them craving more.

Armed with these expert tips, you’re now ready to embark on a kissing adventure like never before. But before you dive in, Mat poses a question: How do you want to be kissed? Share your desires in the comments below and join our vibrant community dedicated to deepening love and connection

Sale of Shell’s Assets in Nigeria Delta


Shell assets chosenozo The sale of Shell’s assets in the Niger Delta has sparked significant controversy and concerns raised by local activists and international environmental groups.

The proposed $2.4 billion sale of Shell’s onshore assets to Renaissance Africa Energy Company, a consortium of local companies, has prompted calls for the Nigerian government to delay the approval of the sale due to environmental and social responsibilities in the polluted Niger Delta region

Key Points Regarding the Sale of Shell’s Assets in the Niger Delta:

Environmental and Social Responsibilities:

Activists and environmental groups have accused Shell of attempting to shirk its environmental and social responsibilities in the polluted Niger Delta, emphasizing the need for responsible divestment and addressing the toxic legacy of pollution in the region


Community Impact:

Local communities, such as the Korokoro Tai community in Ogoniland, have highlighted the severe impact of oil spills on their land, water sources, and livelihoods, underscoring the urgent need for environmental restoration before any divestment takes place


Historical Pollution Concerns:

The report by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) documented cases of alleged environmental pollution that were not addressed by Shell before past divestments, pointing to ongoing concerns about the company’s approach to divestment in the region .


Risk of Irresponsible Divestment:

Environmental consultant Richard Steiner emphasized the risk of transferring assets to new local firms without adequately resolving legacy environmental and social concerns, highlighting the potential for inadequate management of oil and gas operations in the region .


Government Involvement and Decision-Making:

President Bola Tinubu, who holds the portfolio of petroleum minister, will ultimately decide the fate of the Shell-Renaissance transaction, and activists have petitioned for a transparent process that assesses the capacity of incoming companies and ensures meaningful community consultation .


Continued Liabilities and Responsibility:

The transfer of all subsidiary shares to Renaissance would result in a change of ownership while Shell’s subsidiary, Shell Petroleum Development Company, would continue to carry liabilities. The company has stated that it will be responsible for remediation where spills have occurred in the past .


International Attention and Litmus Test for Energy Transition:

The sale of Shell’s assets in the Niger Delta has garnered international attention, with calls for ensuring that historical pollution, safe decommissioning, and financial transparency are fully addressed, serving as an important litmus test for a just energy transition globally .



Positive and Negative Effects of Nigeria’s Government Actions on Binance


Bainance chosenozo As a financial expert, I’ve assessed the potential impacts of Binance, a major fintech company, exiting the Nigerian economy. Here are the positive and negative effects:
Positive Effects

Regulatory Compliance: The government’s action against Binance could signify successful efforts to curb illicit activities by unregulated firms, promoting financial stability and compliance within the digital asset space.

Stability of Naira: Curtailing the activities of unregulated fintech companies like Binance could contribute to the stability of the Naira, instilling confidence in the financial system and positively impacting the overall economy.

Enhanced Regulatory Oversight: Binance’s exit may lead to increased investment in detecting and mitigating unregulated entities within the technology sector, offering better protection to consumers and corporations from financial harm.

Negative Effects

Impact on Digital Asset Market: Binance’s departure could lead to reduced trading volume and liquidity within the cryptocurrency space, potentially affecting investors and traders.

Loss of Innovation and Services: The exit of Binance may result in a reduction of innovative financial services and products available to Nigerian consumers and businesses, limiting access to diverse investment options and financial tools.

Economic and Job Impact: The departure of a major fintech company like Binance could have broader economic implications, potentially impacting employment opportunities and the overall economic contribution of the digital asset industry to the Nigerian economy.

In conclusion, while the departure of Binance from the Nigerian economy may lead to positive outcomes in terms of regulatory compliance and stability, it could also have negative effects on the digital asset market, innovation, and economic dynamics. It is important for the government and regulatory bodies to carefully consider the potential ramifications and work towards maintaining a balanced and well-regulated financial ecosystem.

Remembering the Legacy of Nollywood Icon, John Okafor AKA Mr Ibu

Mr ibu is dead chosenozo It is with deep sorrow that we share the news of the passing of Nollywood veteran, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu.

The actor, aged 62, breathed his last at Evercare Hospital in Lagos State, concluding a prolonged battle with illness.

Health Struggles:
Mr Ibu had faced challenging health issues that eventually led to the amputation of both his legs.

Diagnosed with diseased blood vessels, the 62-year old actor valiantly confronted constant blood clotting in his leg and other health complications, posing a significant risk to his life.

His family had sought financial support from Nigerians to fund the amputation procedure and address the associated health challenges.

Legacy of Laughter:
John Okafor’s contribution to Nollywood was not only marked by his acting prowess but also by his ability to bring joy and laughter to audiences. His iconic performances in numerous films left an indelible mark on the industry, and his legacy will be remembered fondly by fans and colleagues alike.


In paying homage to Mr Ibu, let us celebrate the laughter he shared and the joy he brought to countless hearts throughout his remarkable career. May he rest in eternal peace.

Nollywood Loses Beloved Actor Sisi Quadri (video).

Sisi quadri is dead chosenozo Renowned for his witty humor in Yoruba movies and social media skits, the entertainment industry mourns the loss of Sisi Quadri.

The talented actor passed away on Friday in his hometown in Osun State following a brief illness.

Sisi Quadri, celebrated for his quick-witted performances in Yoruba movies and recent social media skits, breathed his last in his home state of Osun.

Sisi quadri is dead chosenozo His demise occurred at the general hospital in Ogbomoso, where he was undergoing treatment for an undisclosed ailment.
Tragically, Quadri’s passing coincided with the premiere of his latest movie, “Anikulapo: Rise of the Specter,” in which he portrayed one of the three ghosts in the mystical epic series directed by Kunle Afolayan.

In the wake of this sorrowful event, several of Quadri’s colleagues have taken to social media to confirm his untimely departure.

Nollywood actress Abiola Bayo expressed her grief on Instagram, writing, “You will be greatly missed Sisi Quadri. May your soul rest in perfect peace. May God comfort all your loved ones.”

Video link


Unveiling the Tense Confrontation Between IBD Dende and Customs Officials ( video)


Ibd dende vs custom chosenozo In a recent revelation by FIJ (Foundation for Investigative Journalism), the notorious figure Ibrahim Egungbohun Dende, recognized as the biggest smuggler in southwestern Nigeria, has come under scrutiny for a threatening encounter with an Assistant Superintendent of Customs (ASC) captured on video.

This incident, dating back to January, serves as a precursor to FIJ’s undercover investigation that sheds light on the alleged collaboration between Customs higher-ups and prominent smugglers. Despite vehemently denying any involvement in smuggling, Dende retaliated by accusing FIJ of character assassination. In response, FIJ has released exclusive footage capturing Dende’s explicit threat, providing a glimpse into the complex web of the smuggling underworld and its connections with Customs officials.

The revealed videos not only showcase Dende’s audacious boasts but also underscore the concerning extent of his influence within the Customs system, posing a formidable challenge to law enforcement efforts.

For a detailed exploration of this tense confrontation and the intricate dynamics at play, stay tuned for exclusive updates.

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Press Release: Teeromm Set to Release Thought-Provoking Single, “Ask Dem”


Nigeria artist chosenozo Nigerian artist Rufus Topa Momoh, known by his stage name Teeromm, is gearing up for the release of a new song that delves into the critical issues facing the country. Titled “Ask Dem,” the song is a conscious creation addressing the actions and inactions of political figures that contribute to the challenges faced by citizens.

“Ask Dem” is a reflection of the current state of affairs in Nigeria, encapsulating the artist’s observations and concerns about the impact of political decisions on the lives of ordinary people. The song is not only socially relevant but also showcases a danceable rhythm that adds vibrancy to its powerful message.

Teeromm, both the composer and lyricist of “Ask Dem,” aims to use his artistry to shed light on the realities of the nation, fostering awareness and encouraging dialogue. The song will be available for streaming on various social media platforms soon.

For media inquiries, please contact:
[Artist Management/Representative

Ozoya Friday

About Teeromm:
Rufus Topa Momoh, professionally known as Teeromm, is a Nigerian artist dedicated to using his music to address social issues and inspire change. With a unique blend of rhythm and insightful lyrics, Teeromm’s work resonates with audiences, offering both entertainment and a platform for meaningful conversations.

Unveiling the Financial Wizard: 13 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eke’s Storied Career!


Urum-Kalu-Eke chosenozo“Unveiling the Financial Wizard: 13 Mind-Blowing Facts About Eke’s Storied Career!”

In a riveting Thursday plenary session, the Senate set the stage for the confirmation of nominees, bringing to light the remarkable journey of financial expert Eke. Amidst this, the Senate confirmed four distinguished individuals for the CBN Board of Directors.

Here are 13 jaw-dropping facts about Eke that you need to know:

1. Born on November 20, 1964, Eke’s educational journey took him through Comprehensive Secondary School, Aba, and Government College, Umuahia, for his West African School Certificate and Higher School Certificate, respectively.

2. Eke earned his stripes with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos in 1985.

3. A mastermind in Project Management Technology, Eke obtained his MBA from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in 2008.

4. At 59, Eke boasts an impressive alumni status from the prestigious Lagos Business School and the Wharton Business School, among others.

5. Decorated with Nigeria’s National Order of Merit and the National Honour of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic, Eke is a recognized figure in the financial landscape.

6. Beginning his career in 1986 at Deloitte Haskins & Sells International, Eke served as a senior auditor until 1991.

7. Eke’s expertise flourished during his 19-year stint as an Executive Director at Diamond Bank Plc from 1992 to 2011.

8. A consummate financial services expert, Eke later held the position of Group Managing Director at First Bank of Nigeria Holdings Plc.

9. His influence extended to serving as a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of FBN Limited and FBN Merchant Bank Limited.

10. In 2017, Eke took on a pivotal role, joining the board of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (Sovereign Wealth Fund) until 2021.

11. As the Executive Chairman of Fairchild Group, Eke oversees Fairchild Capital Ltd, Fairchild Base Investment Ltd, Fairchild Ventures Ltd, and more.

12. Heading the Board of Directors at NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre, Eke plays a crucial role in West Africa’s leading cancer treatment center.

13. With over 35 years of expertise in financial services, Eke’s vast experience spans auditing, business assurance, consulting, and beyond.

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary journey of Eke, a financial maestro whose career has left an indelible mark on the financial landscape! 🔥✨ #FinancialWizard #Eke #CareerHighlights #SenateConfirmation #FinancialGuru

Relationship Goals – Love, life and quotes


Relationship Goals chosenozoOnce, a couple celebrating 65 years together was asked the secret to their enduring relationship. Their answer was refreshingly simple:

they lived in a time when fixing things was the norm, not tossing them aside. They highlighted a unique perspective, pointing out that relationships today are sometimes treated like video games – played until boredom sets in, and then abandoned.

In our fast-paced world, advice on relationships pours in from all directions. Friends, TV shows, and even dating sites offer guidance.

We often find ourselves dreaming of cinematic love stories, like those in Taylor Swift’s songs, where love prevails despite life’s twists and turns.

Modern communication, however, seems to tell a different story. We spend more time with our phones than with each other, asking Google more questions than engaging in meaningful conversations.

The couple emphasizes that solving the world’s problems might be simpler if we shifted from talking about each other to talking to each other directly.

The real challenge, they argue, lies in the reversal of priorities – using people and loving things instead of the intended vice versa. The solution, they propose, is to spend more time connecting one-on-one rather than broadcasting our issues to the world.

The couple suggests that relationships should be about empowering one another, not compromising. They highlight the importance of helping each other grow and achieve individual goals.

They caution against becoming overly dependent, which can lead to pain and bitterness, urging people to seek partners who inspire positive change.

In conclusion, the couple encourages everyone to engage in a thoughtful conversation about love, relationships, and the impact of our digital age.

They invite readers to share their thoughts, fostering a dialogue that helps unravel the complexities of modern relationships. So, what are your views on love in the smartphone era? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Unleashing Creativity: A Dive into the World of “Top 10 Industries ChatGPT Prompt”


Chatgpt prompt chosenozo In the digital era, where artificial intelligence is reshaping industries, “Top 10 Industries ChatGPT Prompt” emerges as a compelling guide, offering a fascinating journey through 230 pages of innovation and insight.
Authored with precision and depth, this book on Amazon Kindle is poised to revolutionize your understanding of the top industries in the age of ChatGPT.

The book seamlessly blends technological exploration with practical applications, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the ChatGPT prompt related to the top 10 industries.

With each turn of the page, readers are invited into a world where creativity and AI converge, opening new possibilities for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Highlights:

1. In-Depth Exploration:
– Delve into the intricacies of the top 10 industries through thought-provoking discussions and analyses.
– Gain insights into the transformative potential of ChatGPT within each industry.

2. Practical Applications:
– Uncover real-world applications and case studies that showcase how ChatGPT is revolutionizing processes within these industries.
– Understand the tangible benefits and outcomes of integrating ChatGPT into various sectors.

3. Creative Prompt Usage:
– Learn how the unique ChatGPT prompts stimulate creativity and innovation within different industry contexts.
– Explore ways to leverage these prompts for ideation and problem-solving.

4. **Future Trends and Innovations:**
– Get a glimpse into the future as the book discusses emerging trends and potential developments within the top 10 industries.
– Stay ahead of the curve by understanding how ChatGPT might shape the landscape moving forward.

Why You Should Read:
This book serves as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI, specifically within the context of the top 10 industries. Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or an enthusiast eager to grasp the potential of ChatGPT, this book caters to a diverse audience.

Available on Amazon Kindle:
Embrace the future of industry dynamics and AI integration by securing your copy of “Top 10 Industries ChatGPT Prompt” on Amazon Kindle. Engage with the content, unlock the potential of creative prompts, and position yourself at the forefront of technological innovation.

Unleash your creativity, expand your knowledge, and embark on a transformative journey through the pages of this thought-provoking exploration into the synergy between ChatGPT and the top 10 industries.

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